Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Choose Alex Mitro Photography?

      When Choosing a photographer you need to ask yourself many questions based off the type of photography you are needing. These questions include, what is my budget, what type of photographs do I need, Do I like the style of the photographer, so on and so forth. When acquiring about any photography session I will discuss all this with you and help you make a decision that works best for you. I always put the client first and would love the opportunity to be your photographer, but the most important thing to me is making sure you get what you want.

Why Can't I find your Wedding Pricing online?

     I choose to provide pricing upon our first consultation. Every wedding is unique in their own way. I tend to tailor a package together based upon your day, your needs and your wishes. Most of my Packages do not have a time restraint because I feel that your Wedding Day only happens once and we will choose a package that insures your memories are captured in a way that you will love and that future generations will treasure. I do have a budget friendly package that covers up to 4 hours of photography time for those you are on a strict budget and love my style and art but are only limited by budget. With that said; I do not turn down work if I, and my style, are what you envision for your day. Contact me and we will work it out.

Do You Shoot Digital or Film?

      I shoot strictly in digital RAW format. This allows me to gather as much digital information as possible and makes for much quicker processing times and quick back-up of your files. 

Do you Charge for Travel?

     If you are in the Central Kentucky area there is no charge for travel or expenses. When traveling a distance greater than 2 hours from Lebanon, Kentucky there might be a small milage fee added to the package. I will work with anyone near or far so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

    For Destination shoots (outside the state of Kentucky) I require that all travel expenses are paid and request, usually, a minimum of two nights hotel stay. One night before the ceremony and the night of the ceremony. When considering me for a destination wedding it is best to contact me. I have been known to give excellent rates for Weddings in unique and fun places. Sometimes I use them as Work Vacations. 

What is Your Approach or Shooting Style?

    I have been trained in Classic Portrait Photography, but I tend to shoot in a photo-journalistic, story telling fashion. For Portrait Sessions, such as family portraits, or Senior Portraits I like to move a lot, posing in many different styles and places. I like to create a basic posing foundation and then let the family or subject go from there. I feel this way you get a mix of posed and natural photographs. For many shots I will set up a pose, but usually in between the poses when people are being themselves is where the magic happens. I like to keep things fluid and fun. 

 For weddings, most of the day is shot in a very photo-journalistic manor, creating a story of your wedding day through images. There are key parts of the day when I will shoot the posed photographs, also known as Formal Portraits. This is were i set up all the scenes to create your traditional group and individual shots. While they are considered the traditional Wedding photographs I like to put my on twist and style to that. 

   In everything I photography,  my over all style is Modern, Non Traditional, and Artistic. I want to create images that both, tell a story and that capture a persons eye. The photographs should be interesting, and beautiful.

Do you have a "SHOT LIST"?

    Every sessions is different and for that matter I do not typically use a shot list. For weddings I do make a "shot list" with the couple to make sure that all the "posed" photographs, and certain guests are captured. These are usually certain family groupings you would like, or a shot of a certain area, prop, or building. The specific things that you want to make sure are captured. I always capture the essential parts of a wedding to tell the story. For example pictures of the rings, the kiss, the dances, the programs, the cake and such will always be photographed. I always want to the tell the most complete story possible and do it in a way that looks both stunning and accurate. 

Do you have a Second Shooter or Assistant?

     This depends on your wedding and your budget. For most occasions I choose to work alone so that I, for the most part, remain unseen and out of the way. For larger weddings( especially with short windows of time) I recommend having a second shooter, and i do have amazing photographers that I work with that shoot in similar style as me and help to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Of course this all comes down to the needs and budget of the engaged couple. I will help you make the best decision for you and make sure that you get exactly what you need to get the images you'll cherish forever. 

What equipment do you use?

     I use all top of the market products. I use Nikon Cameras, and for the gear heads out there that follows as A NIKON D750, Nikon D700, NikonD300s. With multiple top of the line lenses Including Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, Nikon 50mm f/1.8d. I have different lights, and flashes, reflectors, and all the equipment needed to make sure you get the best photographs possible. 

How Long Before We See Our Pictures?

     Imagine having over 2000 photographs to go though, to choose the best of, color correct, and professionally edit. As you can imagine being a solo artist this can take some time. I want to give each photograph the attention they deserve. I edit every final image to make sure that it is the best possible form of that photograph. While it is difficult to give an exact time-frame for each session, I can usually get the estimated time of delivery with in one week. For weddings it takes anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. For all other sessions it is usually 2 to 3 weeks. But every session is different. I will usually have a teaser trailer within one week of your session.



The most important suggestion I can make is to ensure that if you choose me, or anyone else, please make sure you are happy with the style of photography that is provided. I have yet to meet a client that doesn't love what I do and the stories I tell with their images and would hate for you to be the first because of expectations of something other than we have discussed. Just as important; choose someone whom you will enjoy spending your time with, being comfortable and enjoying your day is not only important for you, but will ensure the best possible photographs. I always have a smile on my face and try to make it fun, low stress, and an over all enjoyable experience. 

I've said it before; I really do love what I do and weddings are among my favorite part of my job. I am honored that you have considered me for the job and will be even more honored when chosen as the person that enables you to share your story with generations to come.